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Search Capabilities

Search the Special Needs Plan Formulary by medication name or type. Search results include:

  • Notes & Restrictions for the drug, such as prior authorization, quantity limits or step therapy requirements;
  • The effective date of the formulary and the date it was last updated;
  • Non-Formulary (NF) drugs.

Mobile device users should open the tool in a new window for the best search experience.

You may also download and print the following:
2021 Formulary (Updated 8/1/21)
2021 Prior Authorization Requirements (Updated 8/1/21)
2021 Quantity Limits (Updated 8/1/21)
2021 Step Therapy (Updated 8/1/21)

2020 Formulary (Updated 12/1/2020)
2020 Prior Authorization Requirements (Updated 12/7/2020)
2020 Quantity Limits (Updated 12/1/2020)
2020 Step Therapy (Updated 12/1/2020)

2019 Prior Authorization Requirements
2019 Quantity Limits
2019 Step Therapy

Need to request prior authorization? Download our prior authorization form.

Page updated 12/7/2020