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Clinic Spotlight: Samaritan Pediatrics

Samaritan Pediatrics (SPE) is a tier 3 patient-centered medical home that offers patient- and family-centered care. The clinic maintains a focus on medical, social, behavioral and needed supportive-therapy services. They offer preventive pediatric care, complex care coordination, medication management, nutrition and mental health services. The clinic has also recently instituted the First Tooth Program for oral health to increase dental preventive care.

SPE, in partnership with the Linus Pauling Institute, offers a once-a-week, free cooking class for its clinic patients that teach them healthy eating habits (e.g., reading nutrition labels and cooking healthy). SPE has also developed an interdisciplinary care team that meets twice per month to discuss complex patient cases and works to coordinate services across multiple disciplines.

SPE believes that medical care of infants, children and adolescents should be accessible, comprehensive, continuous and compassionate. This is the commitment that the clinic strives for every day, with every patient.