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Join the movement to prevent a million heart attacks and strokes


The Million Hearts Campaign is a national initiative to prevent a million heart attacks and strokes by 2017. The campaign was launched by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2012. In cooperation with other federal agencies and private-sector organizations, the initiative aims to make a long-lasting impact against cardiovascular disease.

To support campaign, SHPO study examined local documentation of cardiovascular risk factors
The Samaritan Health Plan Operations’ Quality Improvement team looked at a sample of InterCommunity Health Network CCO members in March to identify how often cardiovascular risk factors (CVRFs) and education about CVRFs were documented in their medical records.

The following factors were reviewed:

  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Blood pressure
  • Smoking status
  • Blood cholesterol levels (documented at least annually, or documentation at least annually as to why it was not done)
  • Discussion with patients about their eating habits that included discussion about trans fats and sodium
  • At least annually, education on all CVRFs (not just the patient’s current CVRFs)

The sample included an IHN-CCO member at each of our contracted providers with 3-7 visits in 2014. Here are the results of the documentation of CVRFs:

Cardiovascular risk factors   Findings   
BMI 100% 100%
Blood Pressure 100% 100%
Smoking Status 100% 100%
Blood cholesterol levels (labs)
Note: Indicator – All patients 18 and older have CVRFs done at least annually or documentation as to why it was not done.  

67% 100%
Eating habits
Note: Indicator - Discussion of eating habits that include talking about trans fats and sodium documented at least annually with each patient.  

46% 100%
Education about all CVRFs
Note: Indicator – All CVRFs are discussed at least annually with each patient.
10% 100%

Please continue to document all cardiovascular risk factors
Providers are asked to join us in supporting the national initiative by:

  • Ordering annual screenings for blood cholesterol levels for patients or documenting why it isn’t necessary.
  • Discussing eating habits that include trans fats and sodium with patients and documenting at least annually.
  • Educating patients about all cardiovascular risk factors at least annually.