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Clinic Spotlight: Samaritan Internal Medicine - Albany

After 39 years at Albany Internal Medicine Group, Dr. Thomas F. Clark retired this March. Dr. Clark practiced at Albany Internal Medicine Group since the mid-70s along with his colleagues Dr. Daniel Mulkey and Dr. Louis Weinstein.

Dr. Clark’s retirement opened the door for exploring how to keep internal medicine presence in Albany until a new internist could be brought on. The decision was made to merge Samaritan Internal Medicine with Albany Internal Medicine Group. The two clinics are now named Samaritan Internal Medicine - Albany (SIM-A) and Samaritan Internal Medicine – Corvallis (SIM-C).

Dr. Weinstein will retire from Nephrology and work only part time at his primary care practice. To make up for this change, physicians from SIM-C started working at SIM-A one day per week in March. This will help patients have the access they need to primary care until a new internal medicine physician joins the Albany office in July.

Later this month, SIM-A will add three new first year internal medicine residents. The new residents will work along with three internal medicine residents: Dr. Suk Singh, Dr. Joel Stuart, and Dr. James Pierce.