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You can replace slow paperwork with online remittance advice — here's how!


An electronic remittance advice (ERA) is an electronic communication record containing claim payment information that can be easily viewed, downloaded, or printed. It is intended to replace your paper provider remittance advice (PRA) statement, giving you access to information sooner and reducing administrative paperwork.

Providers should consider switching to an ERA if they are looking for:

  • Faster communication and payment notification
  • Faster account reconciliation with electronic posting
  • Reduced paperwork to save money
  • Automation to follow-up actions
  • Access to ERA data in a variety of forms
  • More detailed information

How to enroll in ERA
If you choose to enroll in an ERA, you will need to contact one of our EDI partners to establish an account. Please allow time for that process to be completed. Once your EDI vendor has given you confirmation that you are set up to receive an ERA, then you will need to let us know by completing and sending us the ERA enrollment form found on our website.

If you have any further questions on ERA enrollment, access our step-by-step ERA instructions or contact our Customer Service Department at 541-768-5207, toll free 1-888-435-2396.