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Provider News Reimbursement Provided for Tobacco Cessation Interventions


Samaritan Health Plans and IHN-CCO are encouraging health care providers to talk with their patients about tobacco use and perform tobacco cessation interventions.
Tobacco cessation interventions begin with identifying tobacco users and tracking their tobacco use. Once it is determined that a patient is using tobacco products (defined as cigarettes, chew, snuff or cigars) a cessation plan should be offered the servicing provider.

How to ensure reimbursement

Cessation services provided must be recorded in the electronic health record (EHR) and a claim submitted to member’s health plan. There is no cost to the member for tobacco cessation intervention services. Please refer to the appropriate formulary for a list of qualifying tobacco medications:

Quality metrics for 2016

In an effort to help combat this preventable epidemic, the Oregon Health Authority has added Cigarette Smoking Prevalence and Smoking Cessation to IHN-CCO’s Quality Incentive Performance Metrics for 2016. 


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