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Samaritan Health Plans Rolls Out New ID Cards for 2018


Samaritan Health Plans is taking a phased approach to replacing ID cards for its 75,000 plus members. The ID card changes begin with new members joining one of the carrier’s plans:

  • Samaritan Advantage, Medicare
  • IHN-CCO, Medicaid
  • Samaritan Choice, Samaritan Health Services’ employees
  • Samaritan Momentum, Everyday Choices, New Performance, Health & Well-Being, and Oregon Standard plans for employer groups based in Oregon

Current members will receive new ID cards in planned waves through the year.

In addition to a new look for the ID cards, there are expanded instructions for filing claims and managing supplementary networks. All ID cards maintain compliance with current WEDI (Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange) guidelines. WEDI is a nonprofit organization focused on the use of health information technology to improve healthcare information exchange – enhancing quality of care, improving efficiency and reducing costs.


Front of IHN-CCO ID cardBack of IHN-CCO ID Card

Samaritan Choice

Front of Samaritan Choice Wellness Plan ID CardFront of Samaritan Choice High Deductible Plan ID card

Front of Samaritan Choice Vision ID cardBack of Samaritan Choice ID card

Employer Group

Front of Employer Plan ID CardBack of Employer Plan ID Card

Samaritan Advantage

Front of Samaritan Advantage Premier Plus ID cardFront of Samaritan Advantage Premier Plan ID card

Front of Samaritan Advantage SNP ID cardBack of Samaritan Advantage Premier Plus Plan ID card

Front of Samaritan Advantage Conventional Plan ID CardBack of Samaritan Advantage Conventional Plan ID card

Download print version of ID card samples.