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IHN-CCO Claims Reprocessed, Future Edits Planned


InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization (IHN-CCO) recently updated its claim editing software for continuous compliance with Oregon Health Plan’s Prioritized List, and there were some unexpected effects on IHN claims. As a result, changes have been temporarily rolled back and claims affected by the change have been systematically reprocessed.

IHN-CCO continues to evaluate the claim edits needed to ensure compliance with the Prioritized List. When the edits are finalized, and prior to release, a detailed explanation of how they will be applied will be published on this website and sent out via Samaritan Health Plan’s Provider E-news. Subscribe to the E-news.

If you have questions related to the Oregon Medicaid edits, please fax IHN-CCO at 541-768-9356 with your question and claim examples. IHN-CCO will research and respond.